Road to Hana was definitely one of the most memorable drives. Over 600 steep curves and 58 narrow one-lane bridges, 30+ miles of mind-blowingly beautiful scenery.

Luckily in our family only one person suffers from car-sickness – Wen. Luckily, because there is one cure: seat the car-sick person behind the wheel!

For the first few miles I was driving, but then it started to seem like we had to turn back. Wen has only ever driven our Tesla, and she wasn’t keen on trying a gas engine. She did wonderfully though, and for as long as she was driving, she felt great.

I was able to enjoy the views and snap some photos too. I’ll post some if I ever have enough time to extract them from the camera. 🙂

For the trip we used a nice app called GyPSy guide. During the way to Hana it detailed various must-see places to stop and on the way back it told the history of Hawaii from the early times when the first people arrived from Polynesia. Recommended!

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