I have a weird feeling. I am currently on a paradise island, sitting by the beach looking at the waves tirelessly massage the white sand. The sun is shining, things couldn’t get much better than this. Except, the internet is broken. I can’t get online.

The phone line is dead, and so is the DSL connection. Not only that – my wife took the kids to Four Seasons to have some lunch and do some shopping, and she took my iPhone. I’m in a remote villa, far away from even the nearest village, without any means of communication.

The world could end right now and I wouldn’t know. There is absolutely no way to get in touch with me and I cannot reach anyone. Mark Zuckerberg, with all his 600 million friends, wouldn’t be able to reach me no matter how hard he tried.

It shouldn’t be that weird though. I often travel and I am used to being disconnected during the flights. In fact, I often dream of going for a vacation somewhere with no internet at all. The biggest problem now is the fact that I didn’t expect the internet connection to die. Today was supposed to be business as usual and I was going to be connecting with a lot of people.

I can keep working to an extent. I can write some blogs, tune up a business plan, organize documents, etc. But sooner or later I need to be online. It’s actually quite scary to think how much I depend on the internet. I’ve organized my life such that I am almost completely location-independent. I can work anywhere in the world and I can move around freely as long as I keep my laptop with me. And as long as I get online.

Ironically, if you’re reading this post the internet is back and the world is connected again!

Update: No, the internet is still down at the villa, but in a show of Mauritian hospitality, I am typing this at a nearby villa where the friendly owners let me user their Wifi. Unfortunately the signal is not strong enough to carry to our side, but this works, too.